Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cow Killin'

The Pulaski's literally killed the fatted calf a few weeks ago and had a shindig at their home at which much beef was ingested. Check out the size of this T-bone! Thanks again, guys. We had lots of fun.Here's the cow's replacement. Brown Sugar actually has a name so she is safe from being eaten-by the Pulaskis at least.
She kept sloooowly backing up while Bella was petting her.
The reason became clear a moment later! Time to go potty. Yep, Jess took a picture. I would have too if I wasn't busy backing up myself!
Peaches was being so funny. He chilled out here for the longest before scarfing down some leftovers someone left on the deck rail.

He's still licking his chops from the steak scraps while eyeballing the hummingbirds.
Jake on his dirt bike.

Andrew showing Micah the ropes.
Sarah and Leah
Andrew, Brandon, Gilbert, and Dave
Aran gave Bella many rides around the property and into the woods
Andrea chillin' out.
Jess looking cute and sassy

Off into the sunset...

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