Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Fowl Mother's Day

After church, we headed over to Mom and Dad's to see the new chick. It's the sole survivor of its group. As you can see, it has two mommies so they named her Heather (Google it, people) :) It amazes me that the hens don't fight over it. They both sat on the nest so they just both take care of the last surviving chick. Too funny.
Aran and Bella managed to catch Heather for a closer look, but they got pecked to death in the process.

That little white butt looks too cute trotting around the yard.

Remember the Dixie Chicks? Bindi, Buffy, and Beth are all grown up and running in their own little pack.

Brandon wrangled Bindi who sat there and pouted. Wouldn't even eat out of Dad's hand. Spoiled rotten brat.
My little Louie is a teenager now and sticking close to Huey and Dewey.

Aran caught him for me

As soon as we set him down, he streaked back to his brothers squealing the whole way.
Somebody even managed to catch Dewey who was none too thrilled as you can imagine.


Brandi said...

I love the chicks and ducks!!! They are sooo cute! My Mom has baby chicks right now, and they are adorable.

Oh, btw, when we went to Lambert's I had the wonderful grilled chicken and tons of rolls of course. Mmmmmmmm. I don't know if the gulf is warm or not, because there was a stinking red flag warning. Ugh!

Csilla said...

I would have loved to watch Brandon, Aran, and Bella chasing after the winged ones. No need to ask if you all had a great day!