Saturday, May 30, 2009

Regular everyday normal post

This weekend, I made it a point to take pictures of some everyday things. So often scrapbooks/blogs are filled with events or travel destinations so I'm going to make it a point in the future to record the more mundane ('cuz if I don't, there will be nothing to blog about! Ha!) Brace yourself for the excitement! ;)

Jared and Jess came up for the weekend. Here we are playing Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. It's great because you don't have to learn any educational information or use your brain beyond hey, what where those color-changing shirts we had as kids called.
You'll never roam alone!
Got a fabulous Jess cut so all the brassy old color is out of my hair. Since it only took two years to grow out maybe I'll color it again. NOT!

It was so nice not to cut Dave's hair. I never get it the way he wants it anyway. If you're on Facebook head over to the blog to witness the magic.


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Misty said...

Funny mental image of seeing the tiger inside of Dave come out. lol