Monday, May 4, 2009

You know he's a good kid when....

He pretends to be excited over seemingly crappy b'day gifts and even finds creative nice things to say about them! Dad decided to give Aran his Jon boat for his birthday, but instead of just telling him, we decided to let him open some accessories first and figure it out on his own. Dad still had to just tell him in the end. :)

Ahhh the hopeful anticipation of a large wrapped box...
A marine fuel tank? Maybe that's not what's really in here.
Oh. It really is a fuel tank. Thanks so much Cuz and Dave. Look it even has a gague on the top. When you twist it back and forth it goes from empty to full. Cool. Thank you so much. What am I supposed to do with a stinkin' fuel tank? I'm 12 years old for crying out loud. Don't panic, maybe Mamby and Patti pulled through.
A tarp thingy. What's it for? A motor? Ok, these people just have no clue. I don't want to hurt their feelings though. They are all smiling and hoping I like it. Must think of something appropriate to say so they won't suspect...Wow! Thanks! This will keep my pressure washer from getting wet. Awesome!
Finally, Dad put him out of his misery and told him about the boat. Was it worth all we put you through, Aran?I've been had!

Thanks for being a great sport, Aran. Most 12 year-olds wouldn't bother to hide their disappointment much less come up with some positive things to say to make the gift-givers feel at ease. You may just turn out all right after all! *wink*

More Pictoman
And the second b'day cake...Death By Chocolate. I wish they won't put me through the wringer again when I turn 13!

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Csilla said...

Happy Belated Birthday Aran!!! from the Homans