Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Playing "oink" which is basically spoons with little rubber pigs instead of spoons.
It's less painful than spoons, but the cards still get mangled in the scramble!

We stayed water-logged today!

Aran channeling his inner Fonz

Make your own volleyball court

Brandon showing us how it's done.

After 27 years, I'm finally learning to dive. About one out of every three attempts becomes a belly-flop (seen here!)
But I get it right occasionally.Bella's tug boat service
Backwards jump out of the swing
Aran demonstrating the flopping fish technique for getting out onto the dock.

Right rope. ;)

Grilling or smoking that meat?
Puzzle-lovers anonymous was here
Kumbaya my Lord
Video of Aran on the rope swing (go to the blog if you are on Facebook). We vertically challenged ones were having a hard time until Dad placed a board across the very top for us to stand on.

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