Wednesday, July 8, 2009

His Eye is on the Robin?

For about two weeks Dave noticed a mother robin visiting her babies in one of our back yard trees. She would come and go in spite of Dave being out there continually. Monday, he didn't see her at all and a scan of our property revealed her body about 25 feet from the nest. :( We were told by Alabama Wildlife Center to watch for the father to take over feeding, but he never did (deadbeat!). Tuesday afternoon, Dave and I started feeding the three of them water-soaked cat kibble every hour.
Wednesday afternoon we drove them to a wildlife rehab where they will teach them to live on their own in the wild. Pictured here they are about a week away from leaving the nest (looks crowded enough to me right now!) and then will "fledge" for two more weeks before being able to get food for themselves.It was so amazing to witness first-hand God's design for His little creatures. Click Here for a website documenting the nesting behavior of robins. Isn't evolution a wonderful thing? ;)

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Pulaskis said...

That is really neat. We have those "front porch" birds. I went out to get pics of them and they all flew away!! They are very crowded in the nest but I guess like being there. Really cute!