Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Reunion

Dave hasn't been under the same roof as all of his sisters since our wedding seven years ago, so a family get-together was long overdue.

We got to meet Gabriel for the first time! He looks so much like Dave and Grandpa Mege both did as children that it's unreal. As soon as we get moved to...wherever and I have pictures unpacked I'm going scan old photos in so you can see the resemblance.
Ya know, I really should just kidnap him. He looks enough like Dave to pass for mine so nobody would ever suspect we stole him! Amie, you have five. How about sharing??Pop-pop with Luke and Gabe

In what universe are any of these things tasteful ? None, but put them together and viola! Instant fung shui. From the hunter green and mauve color scheme to the library of VHS tapes we had fun pretending it was 1991.
Kaitlyn at the piano taking her music very seriously. See the notebook sheet propped up? She's playing her original composition. :)

The girls all got to eat out together sans men and most of the kids. Yummy mini-desserts at Logan's!

Picture needs no commentary. :)

What's this? Dave demonstrates yet another appropriate occasion for an SCS shirt? You may remember other appropriate occasions such as fishing, game night, Casey's bath day, turning 27, dinner with friends, introducing your wife to your hometown, skeet shooting, nature hike, moving day, turning 28, swimming at the lake, church fall festival, visiting your alma mater, voting, Brandon's birthday, father/son fellowship, and many, many more. This just goes to show the versatility of the SCS shirt. You don't even have to be employed with the company to showcase their haute couture! For family reunions, golfing, and other such classy activities, it's best to wear a collared SCS shirt rather than just a plain tee. For weddings, funerals, and Easter Sunday, there's an even dressier style seen here. It's best to use this one sparingly though as you wouldn't want to risk being over dressed.


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