Friday, October 9, 2009

Back to Jersey

We brought Midnight a catnip-stuffed lobster toy which he loved! See the end of the post (go to the blog if you are on Facebook) for video of him at play. Too cute.

Stacey let us have a lobster boil in her kitchen. She and I were a little concerned about the whole process so Dave handled the cruel part.

Midnight having a sniff.

This is a Midnight-heavy post, but he's such a cutie that I couldn't help taking lots of pictures of him.
We had dinner at Uncle Bill and Aunt Dawn's house and they pulled out the slide projector so we could see photos of the good old days.

Kristen decided her Aunt Stacey needed a homemade tiara to go with Tonya's cup.Stacey with her horse Dakota

Debbie and Glen brought Apollo over to meet us, but since he hadn't seen Cheyenne that day...they had some catching up to do. Go to the blog to see the video if you are on Facebook.

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