Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hot Topic and Health Food

We enjoyed one of those days in which you pretty much do nothing and enjoy the heck out of it. At Ever'man's we found entertainment in an unlikely form. Ear candles! More on that later. Here's Jess letting her inner witch out for a second.

We drove by the approximate spot downtown where Dave proposed nearly 8 years ago and stopped for a photo op.
Will you? Sure.

Look! There's even a homeless guy. We couldn't have recreated it better.

Shopping for health supplements made us go "Hey, let's go to Hot Topic and have Jared try on skater pants!" Not really, but that's where we wound up. Dave couldn't be persuaded to participate.

At 1:00 am the real fun begins! One person + one ear candle = a burn mark on the carpet, a burn mark on the pillow, and two people with hair on fire. And there wasn't even any alcohol involved! Just say no to ear candling people. I know everybody else is doing it, but if they jumped of a cliff...?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

We enjoyed spending the day with Dave's parents. Mom Gervens and I went to Joann's later in the day after the crowds were gone and came away with a few good deals.

Mom prepared a sumptuous day-after-Thanksgiving meal for us. She was probably appalled at our Waffle House decision. :) Great job, Mom! Everything was so tasty (even the stuffing! LOL)These are the same plates that Dad ate off of for special occasions as a child.
Mom makes an incredible fruit juice/ginger ale concoction. There was a little left in the pitcher that I didn't have the heart to throw out.

Thanksgiving dinner, football, shopping, A Christmas Story, and CREAM PUFFS! All in all a great day!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

We traveled down to Pensacola Beach on Wednesday and woke up to a crystal clear Thanksgiving morning.

View from the condo balcony where my parents and the Cedillos were staying.

Dave rocking this look!
Bella looking for seashells
I've never seen pelicans on the gulf side. Of course I'd never been to the beach this early in the morning. Yawn.
Looking up at the 14th floor
Recovering from our chilly ocean swim in the hot tub. With an updo and earrings I just need a leathery tan and cigarette to complete the look.
Aran with his towel. They didn't even have the decency to get him a Diego one. Oh the humanity!

The Cedillos give most of their gifts at Thanksgiving rather than Christmas
It's Amelia Bedelia! A childhood favorite. But what's this?

En Espanol! (insert tilde over the "n" until I get an international keyboard!)I promptly proceeded to annoy the crap out of Dave by reading aloud. No espanol is allowed when he's around. House rules. :)
And a gorgeous sweater since I stay cold all the time. Thanks guys!
Dave loves his flannel! The pictures didn't turn out well though. He was moving around too much or something.
I had a scrapbook printed for the Cedillos chronicling their 2009 adventures.

Around lunchtime we headed over to see Jared and Jess. Nothing like a traditional Thanksgiving meal of Waffle House.

Here we are with our waitress. She was a lot of fun.

While the guys attempted to play golf (didn't work out) Jess and I headed to the Rave to see the much anticipated Twilight sequel. In June, we need to line up with the preteens to see Eclipse on opening night. They will be so jealous of our homemade Twilight shirts! LOL

Jared thinking. This is the thinking stance. Respect it.
Below are some videos (go to the blog if you are on Facebook). The first is of Aran wiping out and the second is of the dolphins we watched at the beach. You can barely see them but it was really cool.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009


We spend Sunday evening at Micaiah and Mandy's house behaving like 12 year-oldsWe tried to remember how to play the chair game where you find balance then have someone remove the chairs. It didn't work out too well. The weakest link would be the 5'2" member.

Here's some video of Jake attempting our Dance Dance Revolution game. We'll have to save the karaoke for next time (go to the blog to see video if you are on Facebook).

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Pygmy Goat Season!

Meet Duchess (Princess is her mom). There's some blue-blooded goats here at the Cedillos!Bella with Mom and baby
Aran, who is quite photogenic and isn't very modest about it. ;)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

JRC November Horse Show

What a beautiful day for a horse show! Andrea performed the opening ceremony. You can see video at the end of this post (go to if you are reading this on Facebook).Bella with Lilly doing their showmanship pattern.
Katie and Andrea about to start lead line.
Brandon keeping everyone organized.
Nina and Cindy demonstrating the Redneck Belle look. Bring some lacy ones next time!
Robert being goofy while I was trying to take an artsy picture.
Much better. :p
Bella warming up before Horsemanship.

Some of the guys being bored stiff.
Three Cowgirls
These are the pictures that wind up in your camera when you leave it unattended.
Andrew on Milo
Andrea sitting on her spurs!
and silly faces
Dave petting Will or Bill (not sure which)
Waiting for Horsemanship to start. Notice Abe is asleep. He pretty much stays that way. :)

I can't complain about his lazy ways too much though since he won me 1st in Halter, 1st in Showmanship, and 4th in Trail.

About 5 seconds of Andrea loping with the flag. Very cool!