Saturday, November 14, 2009

JRC November Horse Show

What a beautiful day for a horse show! Andrea performed the opening ceremony. You can see video at the end of this post (go to if you are reading this on Facebook).Bella with Lilly doing their showmanship pattern.
Katie and Andrea about to start lead line.
Brandon keeping everyone organized.
Nina and Cindy demonstrating the Redneck Belle look. Bring some lacy ones next time!
Robert being goofy while I was trying to take an artsy picture.
Much better. :p
Bella warming up before Horsemanship.

Some of the guys being bored stiff.
Three Cowgirls
These are the pictures that wind up in your camera when you leave it unattended.
Andrew on Milo
Andrea sitting on her spurs!
and silly faces
Dave petting Will or Bill (not sure which)
Waiting for Horsemanship to start. Notice Abe is asleep. He pretty much stays that way. :)

I can't complain about his lazy ways too much though since he won me 1st in Halter, 1st in Showmanship, and 4th in Trail.

About 5 seconds of Andrea loping with the flag. Very cool!

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