Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Mom and Dad hosted Christmas dinner at their home. It was delicious of course.

Aunt Margaret and Mom

Bella made my stocking herself even cutting the pattern for it.
Of course Dave got enough cheese and sausage to feed a small country. Know what he said at the end of the day? "All right! I'm going to be set for tonight!" He can eat his weight in cheese. I've never seen the like.
stocking stuffers

We opened Christmas crackers that had little toys and jokes in them. Dad got a magnifying glass.Cracking up over thinking an emery board was an air freshener then thinking it was at least scented. You'd have to be there.

Gee reluctantly opening gifts. Not her favorite thing. :)
Bella got a goat for her Josephina American Girl doll.

Mom and Dad have had this stocking for Brandon since he was born. I need to find a picture of him with it as a baby and post them side by side.
Brighton charms - An Alabama and a New Jersey to symbolize each other.
Bella and I had fun playing Webkinz.

Cash for a truck box and cash for horseback riding lessons. Cash is gooooood. Thanks Mom and Dad!

And the most appropriate gift for Aran ever...
A sheep that poops jellybeans

He's prairie dogging! (If you've seen Rat Race this will be funny to you. If not, it's just plain gross!)


Misty said...

"prairie dogging" haven't heard that in a while...made me laugh out loud!

Csilla said...

Again, y'all are a riot!!! I could never have imagined a gift like Aran's in my parents home. Well actually,I could have but then I would have been grounded for a week on account of my lack of..... whatever it was i always seemed to be lacking ;)