Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Dave and I couldn't resist opening our gifts to each other a little early. Before you criticize Dave for getting me a skillet, know that I did ask for this exact one! ;)A new wallet for Dave

A snuggy for my cold-natured self! Dave liked the green color. It's a good thing since this is what I'll be wearing every day when he gets home from work. Maybe I'll get some pink sponge rollers in my stocking to accessorize.
One of the items on the very short list of books Dave will actually read.
Dead Sea manicure kit.
Dave also got me a pair of New Balances that I wanted and I got him a magazine subscription. Thanks, Honey for all my nice stuff!


Misty said...

No! You did NOT cave to the Snuggie world! Say it's not true! Mark and I have been having way too much fun hating on Snuggies and now be dear nerdy friend owns one! lol

Jennifer said...

Dave wanted you to know in his righteous indignation that this is NOT a Snuggie. It is a Cannon Sear's brand that looks no where near as gay as a Snuggie. My bad for calling it that. LOL