Saturday, December 26, 2009

Italian Murder Mystery Dinner

The day after Christmas, Mom hosted a murder mystery dinner. This is becoming somewhat of a tradition in the family especially if Aunt Margaret is here!

Cast of Characters

Mama Rosa Roni - Katy
Rocco Scarfazzi - Martin
Bo Jalais - Dave
Angel Roni - Jenn
Father Alfredo - Andy
Clair Voyant (aka served all our food in costume!) - Patti
Tara Misu - Margaret
Marco Roni - Gilbert

Before we sat down to eat, Dave and I had to give Mom a present that we "forgot" on Christmas Day.
The Granny Diaries: An Insider's Guide for New GrandmothersEveryone was pretty excited once they figured it out. ;)

Dad wasted no time putting on his "Expectant Grandpa" pin from two years ago. Please pray that he gets to wear it until August this time! We are very cautiously expecting after one miscarriage.
On to the party! It was probably a toss-up between Margaret and Katy as to who was the most into her role.
They both put forth their best Italian accents from the Old Country. Our recent trip to NYC helped me with my mobster persona. LOL
Dad behaving in typical priest fashion. ;) He then proceeded to demand everyone's confession. It's sparkling cider, people. Relaaaax.


Misty said...

lol....I love the comment about the sparkling cider....I will be praying for a healthy successful pregnancy, Jen.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! We need it.

Csilla said...

It must be so fun to be a part of your family!!!! Can you imagine a priest with an expectant grandfather pin on? That would mean he admits being a real father. Y'all are too funny!