Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shoot Out

With so many new firearms in the family, we took advantage of the first nice day we've had in months.

Aran going Tarzan
And trying to love a wiggly pygmy goat
Some of Brandon's handiwork
The Cruises were kind enough to let us use their property as a firing range.
Bella shoots her first .22
Aran let me try out his new .243
Bella closing her eyes to shoot Dave in the head with her pellet gun. LOL
Aran and Jacob
Family heirloom on my side
Gilbert making sure nobody shoots their eye out a la Christmas Story ;)
Brandon and Caleb
Just wanted to see what would happen if I took a picture directly into the sun. Not bad.

Love the macro on the camera
It was so nice just to lay in the field and soak up the sun!
Trying to get all artsy again. Would have succeeded if it weren't for the flash spot. Hmmmm.

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