Monday, March 15, 2010

Disney Trip 2010

It's against my religion to bring a child under the age of 4 to the parks. Crowds and heat are bad enough without a stroller, diapers, and feedings. Not to mention spending a small fortune on something the child won't even remember! If I was diligent with photo-taking over the last several years I could start a blog entitled "Miserable Parents of Infants and Toddlers at Disney." Knowing this would be our last WDW trip for at least several years, my parents treated us to a "last hooray."

We had a fabulous and surprisingly relaxing time with lots of special surprises along the way. There were only a few rides I wasn't able to ride and while the rest of the group indulged, I was busy having fun with my new camera. Five hundred pictures later...

Some highlights of the trip
*Stuffing ourselves at Ohana

*Spending time with Margaret and Martin
And sharing a kitchen sink with them!
*Meeting our favorite duck in his adorable frontier getup

*celebrating baby with a surprise mini cake
*staying at the Boardwalk

*Making our first purchase for the baby

*breakfast at Crystal Palace and being in the Magic Kingdom before it opened*all the special free desserts Mom and Dad got for celebrating an anniversary

*just taking this picture!
Also our Backstage Safari at Animal Kingdom was awesome. No photos allowed though. ;)
Thanks, Mom and Dad for an unforgettable trip! We'll need to reminisce in a few months when we're running on 3 hours of sleep and the whole house smells like poo. Haha.


Csilla Homan said...

Not the whole house Jenn, just the room the Diaper Genie is in b.t.w. don't get one of those, they do NOT work!!!

Julie said...

LOL at Csilla's comment. So true!

Looks like you had a lot of fun at Disney. I bet you and your parents will take baby there for the first birthday! ;-)