Saturday, April 17, 2010

28 Big Ones

I had a fantastic 28th birthday. Thank you all so much for the gifts, cards, and phone calls. I felt like a princess all day!

Dave and I got up late for a weekday, but early for a weekend in order to hit some yard sales. First things first though...presents!

#1. A Brighton Charm that says "baby girl" on the back. The little critter is taking over everything including my birthday theme! As Dave is fond of saying when he's indulging me, "Hey, how often are you pregnant?" For me that would be a maximum of 18 months out of my entire life so I always take advantage. Bring on the baby stuff!
#2. Dobson's latest release. He got the last copy and we're both enjoying reading it
After going to some yard sales, we made our way to the JRC April Horseshow. This was Brandon and Aran's first show and I didn't want to miss seeing them compete.
Aran stuck with Abe for the whole show. He may sleep through most of the patterns, but Abe will do you proud. He and Aran won 3rd in Showmanship, 3rd in Horsemanship, and 1st in Trail. Congrats, Aran on a rewarding first show!
Brandon opted for more of a challenge (why doesn't that surprise me?) and chose to ride Milo. Milo was a bit uncooperative for both Brandon and Andrea, but they still had fun and looked great in the process!

This was Bella's 3rd show and she rode Abe this time rather than Lilly. They brought home 6th in Showmanship, 3rd in Trail, and 1st place in Horsemanship! Great job, Bella. Show 'em how it's done!

Mom brought me a cupcake and a card with shopping money. Yay!

A few of my favorite pics...

We stayed for about 1/2 the show then headed to Downtown Hartselle to peruse the antique stores. I bought some old Coke crates that had caught my eye and they look uber cool in our kitchen. Dave took me to JW's for dinner and afterward we had some time to kill before our movie started. We went to Shoe Carnival so I could get some Yellow Box flip-flops with my b'day money and lo and behold - we spotted a car show on the way. Being the virtuous pinnacle of womanhood that I am, I encouraged him to stop and have a look. Is that the same truck on his shirt?
All-in-all a perfect, carefree day. Thanks to everyone who made it special!

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