Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Celebration Continues

The Cedillos got me some western stuff for Trudy's room.

How neat is that metal sign? It's going over her crib.

After church and nursing home we headed over to Mikato Japanese Hibachi for a family birthday celebration. This is a great place to take a group of 9 so that you don't have to sit with strangers. :)

My birthday wish was for everyone to use chopsticks. They obliged for the most part, though everyone but Katy needed the cheater kind rigged with rubber bands.

Bella got really serious about it and even used chopsticks for her drinking straw. Half the fun for all of us was just watching her take everything in. I tried to capture the look of wonderment on her face throughout the chef's performance, but she noticed the camera pointing her direction every time.
Aran's favorite trick of the evening. I don't know how many times his mom had to remind him not to try any of this at home.
The volcano onion.
Mom put out the word that there was a birthday at the table and this is what they brought out along with my own chopsticks to take home and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday with a gong.
Make a wish!

We had so much fun with the food, entertainment, and fellowship. Thanks to everyone for coming and to Mom and Dad for treating! I loved it.

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Charles Grimm said...

Seriously? Rubber-banded chopsticks? Ai-ya! haha I always laugh when I see those. I can teach anyone (except my father, who refuses) to use chopsticks. Have done it with some of the most clueless lao wai to join our company! :) Of course, the Chinese and Korean people who watch me use them find me rather lacking in skill, but oh well!

By the way... Mikato is better than Shogun? Because Shogun was a disappointment last time we went.

Glad you had a good one, and I love seeing the pictures! Perhaps we should actually make plans to hang out some time... I stink at planning.