Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Square Footish Gardening

What is square-footish gardening? It's just like square-foot gardening except you use whatever you have on hand, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. :)

All the tomatoes, most of the jalapeƱos, and two plots of basil went in as transplants. The rest I seeded so we'll see what happens. It's almost too simple. Not easy mind you, just simple. You mean I really just throw some vermiculite and seed in a dirt hole, keep it watered, and out comes food after a while?? The transplant thing I get because so much time is spent coddling them before the go into the ground. It just seems too simple to expect anything out of direct sowing, but I hope I'm proven wrong.

This is the final layout we wound up using. Most of the sheetrock bucket crops should have been started earlier so by planting them in containers we'll be able to shield them from the sun this summer when it's technically too hot for them. The blank place is for acorn squash to go in this summer. I may put some asparagus in there until then.

I cannot believe we were thinking of doing a 15x15 plot. This 10x10 took two days and nearly killed me. I have the sore muscles and sunburn to prove it. Granted I only have about 1/2 the stamina these days. It's so frustrating to spend hours doing something (when you calculate the numerous water breaks, heat breaks, and potty breaks I have to take when undertaking anything outdoors right now) that Dave could probably do in 1/5 the time. However, there's only so much Dave to go around so I must gird up my preggo belly and persevere.

Behold our hopefully rabbit-proof garden. Thankfully, we don't have woodchucks around here. My transplants are being shielded from the heat of the day with containers, but I took them off for the close-ups.
Northeast square. Don't the popsicle stick stakes look like little tombstones? Hope that isn't an indication of things to come.
Here lies Basil and Marigold.
April 12,2010 - April 20,2010
Victims of an "ish" gardening attempt
The author of Square Foot Gardening would probably be happy to RIP with Basil and Marigold if he could see the travesty here, but Backwoods Home Magazine might give me kudos for doing what I could with limited energy and money.
Northwest square. Like my dried up brush grid? It put the "ish" in square-footish. Gift wrap raffia path markers tied with carpenter pencil stakes also help with the "ish" factor. Lead...it's what's for dinner!
Southwest square
Southeast square - loving that free cedar mulch from the trees at church!
Special thanks to Andrew for letting us borrow his tiller, to Dad for driving all the way out here to till it for us, to Gilbert for chipping up the felled trees at church, to Dave for building the fence, and to the previous homeowner for leaving us a ton of seeds in the freezer!
Can't wait to reap some harvest and hopefully there will plenty of goodies to share.

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Amie said...

Garden looks great, Jenn! I'm also attempting my first vege garden this year as the new house has it all set up for me. Here's to us Gardening Gervens'!!