Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 Limestone Sheriff's Rodeo

We headed over to Athens to see the rodeo and watch Andrea compete in the Miss Limestone Sheriff's Rodeo pageant. The weather was much more cooperative than last year!

Andrea and Morgan

Mom, Dad, Andrea, Dave
We spotted Andrew and Cindy waaaay on the other side of the arena and could see them better through the camera zoom than with the naked eye. We see ya'll!
Me and the hubs

Opening ceremony with light-up flag. Very cool.

Andrea riding in the opening ceremony
This little girl was just too adorable with her pony!
Calf rope! And about the only event picture that turned out decent. Everything else was a blur!
This lady was incredible to watch!
That blur is her and the horses jumping through the ring of fire

Andrea lining up

Miss Rodeo USA
Andrea, sorry all I got was your backside, but at least we get to see that pretty hair!

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