Monday, May 10, 2010

3D Ultrasound/Girl's Day Out

Dad treated us girls to a 3D ultrasound experience and lunch on him. What a sweetie! This is why I married such an awesome guy. Dad set the bar for how a guy ought to be, and only Dave measured up. I digress, but with a little girl on the way I'm so happy she'll have a dad as great as mine and hopefully will pick a husband as wonderful as her Dad and Grandpa. Anyway...little early to be fretting over her choice of spouse, but this is me we're talking about so that's pretty normal.

Linda, Mom, me, and Bella waiting to go in.
Linda, me, Katy, and Bella
Uber-cool equipment
Tracey was fabulous and spent nearly an hour trying to get some great face pics for us. It only took about 2 seconds to confirm that we are definitely, 100% having a girl. Yay! We don't have to exchange all that girly stuff.
Bella was fascinated and just a little weirded-out when baby kept opening her eyes. Can't blame her because that weirded me out too!
Thanks, Tracey! Sent you rave reviews in a comment card. Mom, thanks for letting us all ride up in your car (and spill Dr. Pepper in it!). Katy, thanks for driving in the rain! Mom Gervens, thanks for staying an extra day to participate in our girl bonding activity. ;)

Drum roll please...Meet Trudy! She's been baking for 26 weeks and 5 days.

Nuzzling her own knee. Wouldn't it be great if we could stay this flexible?
Open-eyed is neat with a profile view, but I'm not even posting the other open-eyed pic. It would give you nightmares. Haha.

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