Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Master Potter Mother's Day

David Engesath of Master Potter Ministries was with us this Mother's Day for the second time this year. He came up with all new material for this encore presentation and was a huge blessing.
All about the light within us...
The adult version of flannel-graph! I love it! Visual learning is not just for the Sunday school kids, people. You never outgrow it (or at least I haven't. Maybe ya'll have "arrived." Haha).
Cindy and Andrea made initial bags for all the ladies with blessings journals inside. Guess it's a no-brainer what the first blessing will be. Silly me didn't pose for a picture with Mom today, but here's her hands and goodies! :)
Dave bought me a Baby K'tan sling for my first official Mother's Day, so I brought it to church to get help figuring it out.
We did it! It's a....purse. And she's a little brown. I may have some explaining to do. ;)

Special thanks to the men and young people for organizing, cooking, and cleaning up our lunch. It made for a very relaxing Sunday.

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