Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Jerrynut" Rangers

Dad has been wanting some Gingernut Rangers for a long time, but they are only available in the UK unless you want to pay megabucks for a special coop you don't need. Enter his friend Jerry who bred him some Gingernuts of his own! Hence "Jerrynut Rangers." They are more friendly than the other chickens. Notice how they all flock to eat out of his hands while the others hold back.

Anyway, I entered this photo with an essay into a contest about why your dad is the king of the backyard. Maybe he and "the girls" will win something!


Misty said...

Your dad is awesome! Mark was standing here looking at your blog while I was reading it and I told him that some day we are definitely flying out there to visit cause he just HAS to meet your family since y'all are by far some of the coolest people ever! :)

Jennifer said...

aww. That's sweet. Even if by "ya'll" you just mean my parents. Hahahaha.