Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trudy's Room

It's done! This is kind of a 360 of the room plus some closeups.

Skirt/bumper/valance fabric.

Pics of friends and family all cowboyed and cowgirled up.

Katy found these horns at a Goodwill and held them up jokingly. I love them!
Snagged horsey here at a consignment sale.
Dad had the letters cute at work and Dave painted/sanded/nailed them up. Distressed stuff sure is convenient since you don't have to worry about perfection.

My former sunroom cabinets being put to good use.
Frame from Andrea and boot night light from Linda.
Katy made a matching changing pad cover

Samantha has left her Victorian ways for a while. I'm sure her Grandmary would be scandalized, but girls just want to have fun! If anyone comes across a hat that would fit her I'd love to have it.
Brandon's spurs, Dave's dad's boyhood handkerchief from the 1950's, and Dave's Steiff donkey "Assy." Seriously. That's what his tag says. How awesome it that?

The valance and our $2 Goodwill curtain (score!)

Thanks to:
Mom for the Bananafish Buc-a-Roo bedding set, mattress, future valance, and womb-noise teddy
To Dad for the letters, crib, and making those cabinets that have proven handy over the years
To the Cedillos for the throw pillow, changing pad, spurs, pony up sign, cowgirl sign, ceramic boot, spotting those incredible horns, and part of Samantha's outfit
To Sarah for the rest of Sam's outfit
To Andrea for the picture frame
To Dave's parents for the boot nightlight, handkerchief, and not letting Dave actually play with Assy when he was little so he still looks good!
To Dave for painting/sanding letters, putting together the crib, hanging all that stuff, and navigating the mysteries of the bumper pad with me!
To Art and Julie for the wooden frame made in the Marshall Islands
Last but not least...some random antique store owner in Hartselle who gave me that little felt cowboy hat for free. LOL


Misty said...

Isn't it just the most exciting thing ever to get the baby room all ready?! I can't tell you how many times I walked into Brooke's room after it was done and rubbed my belly telling her how much I couldn't wait for her to get here. I would stand by her crib and envision her laying there and I would talk to her. I'm SO excited for you!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! We're getting more and more excited.