Friday, June 18, 2010

VBS Graduation

Bella graduated from FCC's Vacation Bible School program this week. The Cedillo and Pulaski "kids" (really need to come up with a better group reference for ya'll since you're not kids anymore and I'm just aging myself! Suggestions?) came out to teach roping. It was HOT as blazes, but we all had a good time.

We found out the day before that this is Jeremy and Julie's new home church so they came out to play too! Bet this is the hottest hayride ya'll have ever been on. :)

Nate enjoying the heck out of a pickle.
Bella performing her song/line dance with the other 3rd graders. I'm having a bear of a time getting video from my camera to the computer but as soon as I get it figured out, I'll post some video of her boot-scooting. I know Aunt Margaret will want to see!
Afterward, we all headed over to Sonic for a much-needed cool down. Route 44 water with lemon is a pregnant person's best friend.
Nate the happy camper! Julie probably thinks this isn't an appropriate nickname since she's with him 24/7, but he always seems to be in a pretty good mood whenever I see him. He and Noah had a little too much fun with the beetle bugs that were crawling on the concrete. The jury is still out about whether one made it into Nate's mouth. .

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