Thursday, July 29, 2010

Amish Country

We had to make the trek to Tennessee again this week to get another ultrasound. Trudy is still head down and everything is looking healthy enough to proceed with our birth plan. Thank you, Lord!

We made a day of it and saw some of Amish country as well as my favorite Goodwill in the world (it's an awesome Goodwill! haha)

38 weeks and 2 days. Trudy you can come any time. No need to be shy!
Birch beer is one of Dave's favorite drinks, but you can't find it many places down south. Probably because it's an acquired taste that reminds me of root beer mixed with Robitussin. (sorry, Babe. It's true). He stocked up on it and some other Amish-made treats while we were there.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Big 3-0

Dave turned 30 with the most low-key "celebration" imaginable. Just for the record, this is NOT how I will choose to start my next decade, but opposites attract so it's all good. This was definitely a lazy, fattening birthday which was just what he wanted. That and not to be pestered with such odious things as singing, cakes, people, and presents. *sigh*

We kicked off the festivities Saturday night with dinner at JW's (our favorite steak place in the world) and stayed up insanely late. This caused us to sleep insanely late the next day.

Chewie wishing her dad a happy birthday.
A late breakfast of biscuits & gravy, and hashbrowns

Lunch at Tony's Little Italy. Told you this was a fattening b'day! This is the closest to "real" pizza you can get near us. The restaurant is owned by a family from Brooklyn and they must have the dough shipped in from up north. Dave loves real meatballs.

We then headed over the the Space and Rocket Center to see the traveling Star Wars exhibit

Had to take a picture of this because Dave made it back when he worked at SCS.
The Star Wars exhibit was neat, but waaaay overpriced. We went for the last group of the evening which gave us a $10 discount per ticket. Also, there were only a handful of people there so we had easy access with no waiting to all the hands-on stuff. Very nice.

A little movie presentation about robotics
Dave's personal favorite original movie prop

Wow Carrie Fisher was skinny! Think I'll complain about it whilst eating everything under the sun. ;)
Paying homage to the Sith Lord. This is an original costume from the 70's which was cool. Usually they are reproductions or ones made for Episode III. Just a little rant here (don't tell Dave) but what is up with Episodes IV-VI being made in the 70's, but taking place later in time and Episodes I-III being the newly made ones with III (dead in the middle) the last one made? That keeps me confused. And why use Roman numerals to label them? For that matter why does the main character have a Bible name if this was "long ago and far away" while everyone else has a cool spacey name? I mean, an extremely creative mind came up with all this and after years of working everything about this fictional world out to the point where some people get sucked into it like it's reality, you couldn't come up with anything better than "Luke." Anyway...
Storm trooper from the 70s
The models were really neat and make you appreciate all the hard work that went into making something of the original Star Wars' capacity before we had computer animation. Impressive.
There's my kitty-cat's namesake! And oh how appropriate it is for her. Think I just found some cat hair in my mouth. ;)
After all that walking around we needed to refuel! Bring on Krispy Kreme. After all was said and done, I gained two pounds from today (which I have since lost, thank you) and Dave stayed the same. ;) Happy Birthday, Dave! Love you!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bella turns 9!

Bella celebrated her 9th birthday today with a cowgirl party.

Time for presents!
Cool American Girl gifts for Josephina from Aunt Patti who, according to Bella, "always gives the best gifts." That's a sure-fire way to get more of them too! Mom, have I mentioned that you always give the best gifts??? :)
Psyched about some Schleich from Dave and Cuz
Some wild west gifts from Jessica and Selah (am I spelling that right?)
How much you want to bet this wish was for a pony?
The whole family had just gotten back from State Horse 4-H competition so we got to see the winning exhibitions. This is part of Brandon's model which was to scale (very important). An arena with horse show pattern
Aran with his blue ribbon photograph. We're very proud of you both!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Shower

I want to thank everyone who came out to help us celebrate Trudy's impending arrival. With 70-something guests I was sure feeling the love and I know ya'll were feeling hot and crowded! :) Thanks for spending part of your weekend with us. It means a lot.

Some pre-shower activities:
Yep, that's my Dad with a tu-tu on his head in case you were wondering why I'm a little "tetched" myself. ;)

Opening gifts from Mom and Dad. She got lots of cute things from them, but the holster diaper pins had to be the most fun.

Some family from Nashville came down but only got to stay a few minutes. We really appreciate them making the trip and for bringing such creative gifts (and also for providing me with the only photo in the world where I look tall!)

Shower decor. Mom and Aunt Peggy did a great job putting everything together.

There's 5 million pictures of me opening gifts and hardly any of the guests. Bummer. We were a little frazzled and just snapped what we snapped. If anyone in attendance took pictures of anything other than me, I'd love to steal them!

Thanks to everyone who brought gift cards. We were able to get our stroller/car seat system this week!
Here's Kinsey testing out Trudy's rocking horse for safety.
Some gifts from the Spellmans
Cowgirling-up thanks to "aunt" Lexi.
Erica stopped by with a basket of goodies
Isaac and Aran goofing off
Winding down and waiting for the Pilkingtons to get there. Their 2-hour trip took six. Ugh!
Gloria and Lois

They finally made it! Got to stay an hour and had to turn around and head back.
Whew! It still looks like Christmas in our living room thanks to everyone's generosity. Trudy is going to be well-outfitting when she gets here. Thanks again, everyone!