Thursday, July 29, 2010

Amish Country

We had to make the trek to Tennessee again this week to get another ultrasound. Trudy is still head down and everything is looking healthy enough to proceed with our birth plan. Thank you, Lord!

We made a day of it and saw some of Amish country as well as my favorite Goodwill in the world (it's an awesome Goodwill! haha)

38 weeks and 2 days. Trudy you can come any time. No need to be shy!
Birch beer is one of Dave's favorite drinks, but you can't find it many places down south. Probably because it's an acquired taste that reminds me of root beer mixed with Robitussin. (sorry, Babe. It's true). He stocked up on it and some other Amish-made treats while we were there.


Misty said...

I can't believe it's already time for you to have that baby. I'm sure you can believe it though. Seems like the very minutes drag by at the end. Can't wait to "meet" baby Trudy.

Amie said...

I'm glad everything's all set with Trudy. We are praying for her to make her appearance soon!

Real birch beer!!! Sunday school picnic memories...sorry, but I like it too :)! Must be a NJ aquired taste. Did those ``amish treats`` Dave enjoyed by any chance include some cheese!!!

We`re praying for ya, Jenn. Love to you and David and we`re praying about that interview he`s got today! Let Julie know how it went and she can let us know!