Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Shower

I want to thank everyone who came out to help us celebrate Trudy's impending arrival. With 70-something guests I was sure feeling the love and I know ya'll were feeling hot and crowded! :) Thanks for spending part of your weekend with us. It means a lot.

Some pre-shower activities:
Yep, that's my Dad with a tu-tu on his head in case you were wondering why I'm a little "tetched" myself. ;)

Opening gifts from Mom and Dad. She got lots of cute things from them, but the holster diaper pins had to be the most fun.

Some family from Nashville came down but only got to stay a few minutes. We really appreciate them making the trip and for bringing such creative gifts (and also for providing me with the only photo in the world where I look tall!)

Shower decor. Mom and Aunt Peggy did a great job putting everything together.

There's 5 million pictures of me opening gifts and hardly any of the guests. Bummer. We were a little frazzled and just snapped what we snapped. If anyone in attendance took pictures of anything other than me, I'd love to steal them!

Thanks to everyone who brought gift cards. We were able to get our stroller/car seat system this week!
Here's Kinsey testing out Trudy's rocking horse for safety.
Some gifts from the Spellmans
Cowgirling-up thanks to "aunt" Lexi.
Erica stopped by with a basket of goodies
Isaac and Aran goofing off
Winding down and waiting for the Pilkingtons to get there. Their 2-hour trip took six. Ugh!
Gloria and Lois

They finally made it! Got to stay an hour and had to turn around and head back.
Whew! It still looks like Christmas in our living room thanks to everyone's generosity. Trudy is going to be well-outfitting when she gets here. Thanks again, everyone!

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