Friday, July 16, 2010

Bella turns 9!

Bella celebrated her 9th birthday today with a cowgirl party.

Time for presents!
Cool American Girl gifts for Josephina from Aunt Patti who, according to Bella, "always gives the best gifts." That's a sure-fire way to get more of them too! Mom, have I mentioned that you always give the best gifts??? :)
Psyched about some Schleich from Dave and Cuz
Some wild west gifts from Jessica and Selah (am I spelling that right?)
How much you want to bet this wish was for a pony?
The whole family had just gotten back from State Horse 4-H competition so we got to see the winning exhibitions. This is part of Brandon's model which was to scale (very important). An arena with horse show pattern
Aran with his blue ribbon photograph. We're very proud of you both!

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Misty said...

Have I mentioned your mom gives the best gifts? Will you please pass along that information. :)