Friday, September 10, 2010

♪Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married ♪

It's the big day at last! The bride in her comfy shoes getting ready to head to the park for pictures before the ceremony.
On the way

Bridesmaids bouquets
Soon to be Mr. and Mrs.!
Missy looking elegant as always
Girls luuurve their shoes. Well, the way they look anyway. Just not the way they feel after standing in them for hours.
The best man was a little confused as to whose baby Trudy was since Lexi had her just as much or more than I did. Thanks, girl!
It was a beautiful day for pictures with temps in the low 70s and the sun shining.
So in love

It's almost go time!
Beautiful mother of the bride

The bride and her maids (or matrons in this case)
Obviously I couldn't take any pictures during the ceremony, but it was beautiful, touching, God-honoring and went off without a hitch. I even teared up as Lydia came down the aisle. My favorite part had to be the recessional which was the Indiana Jones theme. :) So fun and fitting for Phil and Lydia.

Trudy slept for the entire thing
Micah was nice enough to hold and feed her during bridal party pictures.
The best man's mom (can't remember either of their names!) held Trudy for a while during the reception so I could eat. It was chilly in the room and I didn't have a blanket handy so she wrapped her in napkins. At least they matched her dress!

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