Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Holy Toledo!

Trudy and I had a great flight to Detroit. The Huntsville airport gave Dave a special pass to accompany me through security, then she slept for the entire plane trip. Once we arrived in Detroit, Candy was there to help me at bag claim and Lexi and Lydia (surprise!) picked us all up for the drive to Toledo. Missy was nice enough to let me borrow her car seat and Lexi's mom let her drive her SUV so we could all fit.

Lexi is a great hostess even when she's not hosting in her home. I've never been to her house and not had a little gift, treats, or fresh flowers (or all three!) and she didn't let the fact that we were all staying in a hotel diminish her hospitality. She had little gift bags for all of us girls and stocked the kitchen with goodies.
Trudy was well-received to say the least and I can't thank Lexi, Candy, Amy, and Missy enough for all their assistance with her. It would have been impossible to travel so far and do so much with a newborn if it weren't for their help. Thanks ya'll!

Lexi brought her Wii to the hotel and we had a dance off. Fun times that didn't end until the wee hours of the morning.

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