Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wedding Prep

We spent mucho time on Thursday folding napkins into a cute little clovers and getting the reception area ready to go.
Hope my napkin wasn't the one on Candy's head!
Me and the beautiful bride to be
Lexi, Lydia, Amy, and Candy
Rehearsal time! Definitely one of the smoothest rehearsals I've ever witnessed.

Rehearsal dinner
Trudy conked out with Lexi
Missy and James
After dinner we headed to The Elephant Bar restaurant for dessert and fruity drinks.
Candy brought some sparklies for our faces because she's just fun like that.
"v" is for virgin as in non-alcoholic drinks. :)

Trudy got a sparkly too!
And after folding so many napkins I couldn't resist going origami on Lydia's blanket once we got back to the hotel

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