Friday, October 8, 2010

Cute in Crochet

Mom came over today and while Trudy was in a good mood we staged a crochet fashion show. I'm afraid she's going to outgrow some of the outfits before it's actually cold enough here to wear them (the high tomorrow is 90!) and they are just too cute not to show off. Dave's mom is very talented.

This one is probably my favorite. Love the beret! It also has matching booties. She soooo looks like our nephew Gabriel in this picture. I'm expecting her to say "Dis is da best day evah!" at any time.

How cute is this? Cowgirl in crochet.

The hat is already too small, but we got it on enough for the picture.
My great grandmother crocheted this for me to wear a looong time ago. To the batcave! :)

Mom's coworker gave her a bunch of stuff that her granddaughter has outgrown including a playmat that Trudy is in love with. Thanks for coming over to play today, Gigi!


Misty said...

Love the outfits! Wish I had that kind of creativity.

Brandi said...

Love the outfits!! Especially the cowgirl one! Absolutely adorable!

Lexi said...

the blue outfit looks like a baby snuggie :)

Lexi said...

the blue outfit looks like a baby snuggie