Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fish Fry, Scavenger Hunt, and Baby's 1st Pedicure

What better way to welcome fall that with some Jezebel toenails!

Now she matches her ladybug costume`

About the only picture of her actually smiling in the outfit. She HATED it.

Bella and Trudy buzzing around
Trudy was in some serious need of pixie dust. Andrea to the rescue!
Club blonde. Trudy hopes to remain a member for life, but it's not likely.
Oh let's get a cute picture on the hay. Yeah right!

Daddy, these people are crazy! Come save me!
And of course he did.
Katy makes the most delicious fish tacos and was kind enough to fix enough for all of us. I brought some homemade jalapeno poppers to complement them.

Just when we thought Richard couldn't get weirder, he piles his plate full of fish then proceeds to dump ketchup all over it. Yuck!
On to the scavenger hunt. It was adults against the youth and the adults split into two car loads. The girls handled the photo portion of the hunt while the guys did the dirty work.

First on the list...a cheesy church sign. No worries there!
A yellow light
A yield sign
Dad's chickens
An out-of-state license plate
The keypad system at the nursing home where we minister once per month.
Team "Minivan Maniacs"

Team F.A.L.L
Trudy was actually being snuggly for a couple minutes. She's probably going to be unaffectionate like me. The older generation is glad for me to get some payback, but since I'm unaffectionate too, I'm not awfully bothered. I understand her!

Bring on the Four Square competition! I'm thinking our squares should have been larger to make it more challenging, but it sure was fun playing in close quarters since you have the opportunity to be really mean.

You know it's fall when you're sitting around a fire toasting marshmallows.

Katy and Gilbert roasted all the hotdogs for us.Trudy switched from ladybug to pumpkin for the chilly evening. Notice Moe is never far. He's going to become like Waldo. Where's Moe?

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Misty said...

I could never paint Brooke's toenails cause her feet were in her mouth too much. :)
I would be upset too if my mom put me in a lady bug costume. Poor Trudy! :) So glad her Daddy rescued her. Brooke is very un-snuggly too. As a mom I wish she was more snuggly even though I am not ultra snuggly myself.
Looks like you guys had a blast.