Friday, October 15, 2010

Jesse Owens Memorial

Mom has a neat story about helping erect a historical marker at Jesse Owens' birthplace when she was a teenager. It's an exciting tale of a passionate history teacher, years of fund raising, a newspaper story, a personal chat with Jesse Owens himself, and a racist principle that tried to stop it all from happening. The small marker they were able to finally purchase has been removed and replaced with an entire museum dedicated to the Olympian at his birthplace. It happens to be just a few miles from our home so Mom, Trudy, and I went to explore.

Olympic program from the 1936 games.
Replica of the sharecropper cabin where the athlete was born. What was I complaining about?
Though I do have some stove envy because this would look so cute in our house!

They may have been poor, but surround sound and fire safety was a priority in those days. ;)

It was a fun and educational experience. Also a little depressing in light of the fact that the sports heroes of my generation are so lacking in comparison. Hard work, determination, self-sacrifice, and character are a thing of the past while partying, boozing, and fornicating will get you on a Wheaties box. Hello Michal Phelps and Shaun White! I digress, but to use the word "fornicate" on my blog. So worth it.

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