Friday, November 5, 2010

Date Night

And boy was it overdue! Mom and Dad watched T so we could enjoy a nice dinner out. Dave is barefoot and I'm in 3 inch heels so we're kind of in the same atmospheric layer in this picture. :)

This had the potential to be a non-Trudy post, but it's not going to be. Snapped these after our date. It's always cute when Daddy does diaper duty, but Trudy has diaper changing staff! Daddy to do the dirty work and Papa to distract and entertain. ;)

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Misty said...

Lol. I'm always nervous as to how I am going to find Brooke's diaper after her daddy has changed her. It's either on backwards (ok, that only happened once) or it's practically falling off cause he is afraid of putting it on too tight. It's all good though. She LOVES when he plays with her. I'm afraid he may be better at it than me.