Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Fun

The family came to our house for Christmas Eve this year to spend the afternoon eating Katy's amazing fish tacos and playing Quelf.

My beautiful mother and her green compadre
Trudy loves her Papa and all the stories he tells her!

Let the Quelfing commence! The game is a little long and confusing if you play with the maximum of eight players. Four to five seems just about right. We had fun anyway though.

Dad had to make a homemade snorkel and wear it throughout the game

Gilbert had to ask a player for cologne and spray on a massive amount. If we'd know exactly what his card said we would have brought him some of my perfume!
Dad still keeping it real with his snorkel even when drinking.
Aran had to wear something with a chinstrap which Trudy was happy to provide. Wish I had some video of him tap dancing in this hat! It looks like a sock monkey yamaka. Good stuff.
Gilbert singing and acting out "I'm a little teapot"
Katy flying around the room and talking gibberish
This was the best! Margaret had to pretend to be a ventriloquist and use Gilbert as her dummy. He figured out was she was doing early on and joined in on the act. That square under her sweater is the game box. She had to wear it under there for the whole game.

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