Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dirty Grinchmas, Cupcakes, and Quelf

It's a long standing tradition to play Dirty Grinchmas (aka dirty Santa) at our church each year. Of course this year instead of taking pictures of the actual game I just took pictures of Trudy in her Grinch ensemble. *sigh* One of these days we'll reclaim life outside of parenthood but it will be a few more months at least. The ball and chain joy of breastfeeding doesn't allow for much time away from T!

Wrapped up in Ms. Cindy's coat

After church we headed over to my parent's house where they graciously watched Trudy while I got a much-needed haircut. There's enough to donate so I don't feel to bad about letting it go. It sure is nice not to spend 45 minutes in the bathroom trying blow dry it!

We hung around for a while and enjoyed some cupcakes from Gigi's that I bought at the mall.

Then is was time to break out the Quelf board! Quelf is fairly non-competitive and just engages the players in creative ways to humiliate themselves. Good times!
Feeding Mom her pizza since she could not bend her arms or legs unless it was her turn

Dad drinking a glass of water from the opposite end of the glass
Other memorable Quelf moments include Dad having to say "I need my pills" every time he took a drink, Dave sitting on his hands unless it was his turn, me acting like a weeping willow and humming a sad movie theme during the next player's turn, Dave reciting a made up sonnet to Mom, and Dad rearranging the dining room using his gay designer voice to explain Feng Shui.

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