Monday, December 27, 2010

A Gervens Afterchristmas

While we wish Dave and Linda could have stayed longer, we had an enjoyable afternoon and evening with them.

Trudy opening her gift from Aunt Kristie

Mom's gift of crochet labels

Trudy starting in on her gifts

Dad's was happy about his tool
My gifts Mom had to help me open and show for the camera since T was being fussy

Some hot chocolate for Mom

And a photo of her son and granddaughter
Birch beer! Dave got a ton of it! It took several trips to haul it in from their car

We got Mom and Dad an actual page from a 1625 King James Bible
Dad was more jazzed about it than Mom as expected. :)
Another gun...yea.
You'll shoot your eye out!
Thanks for stopping by to see us and for the wonderful gifts, Mom and Dad. We really enjoyed spending time with ya'll.

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