Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas and actually got one!

Not only was this Trudy's first Christmas but my first white one! We enjoyed playing in it a tiny bit on Christmas morning, but it was a little wet for Trudy's liking.

Our neighbor's house looked so picturesque that we took a photo of in instead of our neighborhood eyesore. ;)
Time for presents! Dave got me an ereader, a Brighton charm, and a Fossil wallet
Dave got some stocking stuffers and $$$ from me.
We used Trudy's age to our advantage this year and didn't buy her much since she doesn't know any better.
She got a Paci Plushie Panda
And a hippo bath toy. Does this mean that she got a hippopotamus for Christmas? I think so!

And some clothes

Dave demonstrating "the Jersey roll" while Trudy and I watch from the dryness of the carport.

♪ Hasty the snowman was thrown together in a big hurry ♪
Roll Tide!

Then it was off to my parents house to be iced/snowed in for the next 24 hours.
Sleepy, sleepy T
The biggest bag of Dunkin' Donuts coffee I've ever seen. When oh when are we going to have a franchise here???
More with which to feed his Kindle needs
Shape up or ship out!
A size Medium Tall shirt. Though hard to find this is the size that fits Dave best. No more shirttails coming untucked or sleeves being too short.
Some Philosophy facial products for moi


A game they will enjoy playing together soon.
Mom is continuing the cross stitch Christmas ornament tradition with the next generation

Oooooh yeah. Man toys.

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