Monday, December 20, 2010

♪ Like a Good Neighbor, "Grandma" is there ♪

Not long after we moved into the neighborhood, our neighbor Ms. Tyler took us under her wing. She incorporated me into her daily walking group that meets at the local park and often brings special treats for Trudy. In this picture she's wearing the little Christmas outfit she bought for her. At 87 or 88 years old (not even her great niece who lives down the street knows for sure because she refuses to discuss her age!) she is truly an inspiration. I've seen her hauling mulch in a wheelbarrow, hanging Christmas lights on a ladder, and painting her own carport. And she'll be darned if anyone tries to help her on insinuates she can't do it on her own! Considering I don't do many of those things now it's doubtful that I'll "grow up" to be like her, but I sure do treasure her friendship and am thankful that Trudy now has a Grandma in addition to a "Gigi" and a "Mom mom." :)

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