Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve at the Pulaski's

What a way to ring in the New Year. Katy and Cindy made some delicious food and we played a very close game of spades. After Trudy hit the sack for the night it was to break out Quelf.

Cindy had to wink and touch her forehead every time she asked a question
Andrea had to leave her hand in a bowl of water for an entire round
I had to place my feet two feet apart, place my knees together and hands on my back while shouting "I refuse to wear that dress!" As much as I hate dresses that sounds like something normal for me to say. :)
Andrea doing the chicken dance
Andrea's friend Morgan who joined Brandon in picture taking during the first game
Forget what this was. Something embarrassing!
Had to keep my hands on my head unless it was my turn.
Cindy had to draw a few shapes and lines then Andee had until her next turn to make a picture out of it
Andrea and Aran ballroom no music
At the stroke of midnight we toasted with sparkling cider then it was time to head home. Thank you Lord for your protection during a dark, rainy 50-minute drive home on New Year's Eve!

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