Friday, January 28, 2011

Introducing solids - attempts number 2 and 3

We tried to coax Trudy into taking some rice cereal mixed with breast milk in a bottle when she was 5 months old. She wasn't impressed. Now that she's a few days away from turning six months, I thought I'd attempt the same concoction in a cup.

All ready to go
Bring it on!
We wound up with a big mess as I expected. She made a face, spit it all out, and wound up wearing the cereal. she was however very interested in chewing the lip of the cup. *sigh*
Who? Me? And what might I ask is wrong with just nursing the rest of my life? Mommy has a few reasons. :)

Fast forward a couple days and I decided to try some bananas. I read that breastfed babies tend to like bananas while formula-fed babies tend to like cereals. Here's the reaction the bananas brought.
I'm not going to force solids on her so I guess we'll just wait until next month and try, try again!

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