Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jenny Jump Up Time!

My tangle with the Jenny Jump Up could have made it in the Guinness Book of World Records for lengthiest and sloppiest assembly of a child's toy. After two attempts it was finally safe enough to use, though Dave had to fix a twisted strap when he got home. Thank God he has mechanical/spacial skills. Bring on the checking account, taxes, computer virus removal, budgeting, and anything else cerebral you want to throw my way (I'll even obnoxiously correct your grammar mid-conversation), but when it comes to assembly or repair just forget it! A drunk monkey could do a better job.

Trudy got in her Jenny Jump Up and enjoyed herself...for five minutes. Five minutes is her satisfaction limit with anything these days.
You can see from the video that she's doing more spinning than jumping, but I'll take it!

Dave thinks she's going to break something with all this toe knuckle bouncing, but I'm not worried. She may get calluses though!

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