Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday in Sylacauga

Jared and Jess came home for a visit so we made a quick trip to Sylacauga Saturday to visit, share the Trudy love, and watch a UFC fight. Really we shared the Trudy fussies since she's not a huge fan of strangers, but she did better than I expected. Thank goodness for Mo!

Jess trying to get her to take the Chanel binky she got for her...
And we're back to Mo. She doesn't sometimes wear the Chanel binky on a clip as an accessory though. It's too pretty not to be seen!

Smiles for Bonita
Geared up for the fight! Look at that fist.

She really likes Jared's beard
Everybody trying to make Trudy happy for pictures

I'll let you hold me Uncle Buck if Mo can come too!

Talking to Sheena
Jared and Calvin. They look a little like father and son with the matching hair!

I always feel like a hulking giant standing next to Jess. She and my mom are the only two people who can make me feel that way.
Not a bad picture considering they didn't really want it taken. Jared just learned last week how to take a good picture so we had to take advantage.

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