Friday, July 8, 2011

Lake Rats

This was our third Smith Lake 4th of July trip with my side of the family and I've got to say the trips keep getting better and better. You've had a true vacation when not a lick of makeup goes on your face for 5 days and when checkout rolls around you don't even know what day it is.
Trudy enjoyed her first swim in the lake in spite of having to get suited up for protection from the sun and water. Mom teased that we looked like Amish swimmers in our long-sleeved UV Skinz. We were sunburn-free Amish swimmers!

 Whew! Finally ready to go, but exhausted from the effort.

The alternative to the life vest suit was an inflatable float that she wasn't too keen on. Got a couple of cute pics before she'd had enough.

Brandon's backflip

Aran's backflop
Too busy to break for a snack

Sheena, Jacob, and Josh joined us for part of the week. Between their homemade trot line and hours spent pole fishing, Jacob and Aran caught enough fish for us to fry one night.

 Check out mine and Dad's contributions. We had to us the macro setting for our fish to show up! They went back in the lake to be caught another day.

We had a dockside disaster at one point. I'm still not really sure how it happened, but we tore the dock up. The guys managed to get it back together until the rental house owners could send a repairman the next day.

On Tuesday, Mom rented a pontoon boat so we could spend the day tubing and cruising. Trudy enjoyed her first boat ride and the wind in her hair.

Tuckered out.
Our evenings were spent eating, playing games, and watching loads of TV. Trudy enjoying being surrounded by plenty of "peeps" to entertain her. She's especially fond of playtime with Papa...

...and Brandon

You know whenever there are people gathered I'm going to sucker them into playing Quelf. Brandon may have had to hold a spatula for the entire game with a drawing of a medicine bottle secured to his shirt, but Bella really bore the brunt. She's wearing a full face of makeup, a bib, and has the game box shoved under her shirt.
Probably the best part of the trip for me was the abundance of free babysitters. Trudy is pretty high maintenance so I enjoyed the break. Thanks, Mom for planning and funding another memorable family vacation!

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