Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Trudy!

We no longer have a baby, but a toddler!Trudy turned a year old yesterday. Here’s the official “on the record” account of birthday events: Sweet T and I spent the day playing with her cousins, visiting a petting zoo, and celebrating with cake and presents.

Now here’s what really happened. First of all I forgot all about it being her birthday until nearly 9:00 AM when people started texting birthday wishes (we’re having a little party for her Sunday at church and I’ve been focused on that instead). We lost electricity the night before around midnight due to severe storms and the day was so overcast that even with all the window blinds open it was too dark in the house to see enough to play. We packed up and headed to Aunt Katy's house 45 minutes away to enjoy a day with electricity. Once there, I crashed for a two hour nap since I hadn’t slept that night thanks to the storms. When I got up, Katy decided to make a Piggly Wiggly run for ingredients to make Trudy a cake to dive into. 
While she was gone I took Sweet T out to their backyard (as did her daddy later on) to meet Bella's new Alpine show goats.
She liked them until one started licking her foot, then it was all over.
Dave came over that evening after work as well as Dad and we all pretended that we’d planned this impromptu party all along. She was pretty crabby through the whole thing since the only nap she had gotten was a quick one in her aunt Katy’s arms since I opted to nap myself instead of putting her down for a proper one.
 The Cedillos got her a new toy, some fancy new duds, and a Baby Einstein DVD

Bella helping decorate

Papa and Gigi got her a silver bracelet and a growing up birthday girl figurine.

She enjoyed chewing on the figurine

...and eating the box her bracelet came in

Then she decided she'd rather have an iphone than jewelry. Maybe she's going to be a techie?
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

Getting stripped down for cake time
Not much encouragement was necessary

ick! Daddy was called over since he had on his work shirt. And he demonstrates yet another appropriate occasion for an SCS tshirt. You may remember other appropriate occasions such as fishing, game night, Casey's bath day, turning 27, dinner with friends, introducing your wife to your hometown, skeet shooting, nature hike, moving day, turning 28, swimming at the lake, church fall festival, visiting your alma mater, voting, Brandon's birthday, father/son fellowship, family reunion and many, many more. Add "daughter's first birthday" to the list.

There wasn't much left!

Dave heading out to hose off
Poor Trudy. I’ll make it up to her Sunday. Although she was so jazzed about getting into her very own chocolate cake, that I may not have anything to make up for! Thanks, Aunt Katy for the cake, dinner, and naptime for mommy!

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