Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Birthday Picnic

We had a little party Sunday at church for Trudy's birthday. I highly recommend keeping first (and probably second and third) birthdays simple and small. Trudy did well and wasn't overwhelmed with people, presents, activities and other kids. We decided to go with a picnic theme which was really easy to put together. Picnic baskets served as decorations and were also functional.
 I found these dispensers at Walmart

 Old fashioned cokes in the bottle
 No picnic is complete without ants! Ants on a log. :)
 The birthday girl fresh up from a nap and not quite awake yet.

 Her rhinestone "1" shirt

 No cake. We served ice creams sandwiches to the guests and Gigi picked up a cupcake for Trudy from Gigi's cupcakes. How fitting!
 She relaxed a little better once the tutu was off. She was disturbed by it.
 Time for some presents!
 John Deere sock from the Pulaskis


 A gyrobowl and bows from the McClarans

 A birdie PJ set from Daddy and Mommy (we're going cheap on the birthday gifts while we can!)

 A mini wheelbarrow also from the Pulaskis.
 She also got card with money in them! She tossed the money over her shoulder and wanted to play with the cards. How quickly that will change!

 Playing peek-a-boo with Gigi

 Singing Happy Birthday

 The air conditioner blew the candle out.

 She LOVED the cupcake frosting
 I split it in half so she could have a little cake with her frosting and you can see how that went over. Don't mess with my cupcake, Mom!

 A silver bracelet from Papa and Gigi
 You gotta love her bloomers!

Happy birthday, Trudy! It's so hard to believe you're a toddler now.

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