Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

We spent Christmas Day between church and my parents' house. Our Christmas breakfast at church was so yummy I want to have one every week! Brandon, Aran, Mom, and Dad all ministered with special music and Dad preached an uplifting (I know, right?) Christmas message.

Cowboy boots from Papa. They squeak!
Crimson Tide and Hoot Owl pillowcase dresses from Katy and Bella

Eeyore in his Christmas jammies

Reindeer Eeyore (are we sensing a theme here?)

A Smurf coloring book for Daddy and Trudy to color together.

A knife..yay.

Stocking stuffers

She immediately removed the panda bear ice cream truck driver and replaced it with an Eeyore Christmas ornament the same size. This child is obsessed!

Homemade vanilla. It takes a year and a half to make! Not a last-minute gift this one.

How cool is this barbed-wire sign? I'm not sure which Cedillos were involved in the making of it, but they did a great job.

Dad got a worn farm and you'd think someone had given him a brick of gold. Gardener's are a different breed! I can't say much myself. ;)

A basket of goodies for the Cedillos - guess who gets the basket.

Doomsday supplies for Dad.  Between this and the worm farm he can now ride out the apocalypse.

Sweet T Brighton bracelet for Gigi

Roll Tide!

A drill!
Portable DVD player to help Trudy during long trips.
Aran being silly

And the rest of us being silly too thanks to our Christmas crackers. 

Merry Christmas, ya'll! So glad we could spend it together.

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