Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas with Mom mom and Pop pop

Dave's parents stopped by on their way home from Kristie's so Christmas was extended by a few days! Like our "tree?" It sure is easier to put up and take down than the traditional variety.
Linda made an adorable stuffed monkey for Trudy. We named her Margaret before deciding that wasn't cool since Trudy and I have an Aunt Margaret so she's Maggie for short

 Mom mom made Trudy a fleece Eeyore jacket with Eeyore buttons. Once she decided to put it on, we couldn't take it off her without her crying! Didn't matter than the woodburning stove had the house up to 75 degrees and she was sweating. She had to have this on! 

 Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

 PJ's from Aunt Dawn.
 A cowgirl ornament.

 Now that she has her own phone, maybe she can refrain from dunking ours into drinking glasses.

 Mom picked out the cutest outfit and accessories for me. I couldn't have done better if I was shopping for myself!

 Dad didn't feel the same way

Thanks for stopping by to visit, Mom mom and Pop pop. We hope you can stay longer next time.

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