Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! We've kind of been celebrating all week. First my MOPS group had a marriage counselor speak and she gave us some tips for incorporating romance into our lives. She recommended the Love Actually blog for some great ideas so I'm going to incorporate some of them tonight. Maybe a themed dinner? Sunday we had a church breakfast with Valentine's-themed games. Aunt Katy made some amazing chocolate cinnamon rolls and I hope she posts the recipe soon!
Yesterday, Sweet T and I both got cards from my dad. Sweet T also brought me some red roses. Wasn't that thoughtful of her? ;)
This morning, Hubs left me a beautiful card (right by the computer where he knew I'd find it) and some Starbucks money. He knows me well!
Later in the day, our neighbor brought over a helium balloon for Trudy which was a big hit and she also got a  handmade Eeyore card in the mail from her Mom-mom. After Dave got home, we had a beach themed dinner since we couldn't go out alone.

Dave brought Trudy a musical Disney card that she played with like a toy and a new Wubbanub! As soon as she saw what was in the box, she started crying and trying to get it open. Then she popped it in her mouth before we could wash it. I guess we'll call him Tex. Last year's Wubbanub valentine, Clyde Frog, has been sadly lost.

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